Immortals postpone Pop Flash VALORANT match against Envy to “shine a light” on the need for “social justice and racial equality for all”

The match will be pushed back until tomorrow. Immortals postponed today’s match against Envy in the Pop Flash VALORANT Ignition Series, choosing to “shine a light” on the need to advocate for social injustice. CEO Ari Segal issued a statement during the Twitch broadcast, explaining the organization’s reasoning for delaying the match. “Today we are proud to […]

Killjoy had Brimstone ultimate during early development before becoming VALORANT’s punky hipster engineer

Character producer John Goscicki discussed the agent’s early development. From a robot that casts Orbital Strike to a hipster engineer, VALORANT‘s newest agent had quite the transformation throughout her development. Killjoy went through a “ton of different iterations” before becoming the punk-hipster gadgeteer that fans love, VALORANT character producer John Goscicki told Dot Esports. “Well, she used to […]

Riot on Killjoy’s Nanoswarm: “We have a couple tweaks coming next patch that should make playing against them feel a lot more reasonable”

Thank you. VALORANT fans were initially skeptical of how Killjoy’s turrets could fit into the tactical shooter’s meta. Nearly a month into her release, it seems her Nanoswarm is the real problem. VALORANT character producer John Goscicki told Dot Esports that tweaks to the engineer’s Nanoswarm are coming in the next patch. “Now that she’s live, players […]

Riot believes VALORANT’s Operator “isn’t” too OP but is looking into ways to “smooth out the experience”

The gun won’t undergo changes now. VALORANT fans looking for Operator nerfs might be disappointed. Game designer Nicholas “Nickwu” Smith discussed the controversial Operator meta in today’s Ask VALORANT blog post, explaining Riot’s belief is that the gun “isn’t ‘too OP.’” “We think the Operator isn’t ‘too OP’ but do believe that the feeling sometimes comes from a lack […]

Riot addresses footstep sound complaints in VALORANT

Fans have long complained of sound inconsistencies. Many VALORANT fans complain of inconsistencies in the tactical shooter’s footstep sound cues, which makes it difficult to differentiate where your enemies are coming from. And now, Riot has responded. Audio director Peter Zinda discussed these criticisms in today’s Ask VALORANT blog post, addressing both footstep radius and panning direction. Zinda acknowledged that players […]

Dignitas handily upset TSM in first match of Pop Flash VALORANT tournament

Should other teams be worried? Dignitas may no longer be underdogs. The eighth-seeded team easily beat first seed TSM in the first match of the Pop Flash VALORANT Ignition Series 2-0 today. Dignitas, which consists of four former Homeless players and newcomer Ryan “Shanks” Ngo, are showing promise in their first pro VALORANT appearance together. The series kicked off on Haven, where Dignitas […]

VALORANT streamer discovers anti-smoke Sova Recon Bolt for defending Ascent’s Catwalk

“I am the hunter.” No vision, no problem. VALORANT streamer Average Jonas has once again discovered a savvy Sova dart, posting a video of the clever strategy today. Using Recon Bolt, players can counter the common Catwalk smoke on Ascent and see enemies that are out of position. For Sova mains covering Ascent’s A Short, a clever anti-smoke […]

TSM secure first Worlds berth since 2017 with 3-1 series win over Cloud9

C9 won’t be going to Worlds for the first time in the organization’s history. It took them three years and much soul-searching, but TSM are finally headed back to the League of Legends World Championship stage after taking down Cloud9 in the 2020 LCS Summer Playoffs today. This loss also means that C9 will not be defending […]