When does Samira arrive on League’s live servers?

Diablo 3 fans have been waiting for this day. League of Legends is halfway through its champion roadmap. Riot Games shared its plans of introducing six new champions throughout 2020 with the fans. Sett, Lillia, and Yone have all been colorful additions to the game in terms of lore and spice up the metagame. Though […]

Machi Esports defeat PSG Talon in PCS Summer Split final

Machi got the last laugh in the matchup with their greatest rivals. Machi Esports comfortably swept PSG Talon in the Pacific Championship Series’ Summer Split grand final today. This title means that Machi have secured the first seed from the region heading into the League of Legends World Championship later this year. Each time these two organizations […]

DRX secure first LCK Worlds spot following win against Gen.G in Summer Split playoffs

Chovy popped off and earned the Player of the Series award. Korea has named its first team heading to this year’s League of Legends World Championship. DRX took down Gen.G in a close 3-2 series today during the semifinals of the LCK Summer Split to qualify for the international stage later this year. Mid laner Jeong “Chovy” […]

Everything we know about Samira, League’s newest champion

If Vayne is banned, Samira could come to your aid. League of Legends has been on fire over the past couple of weeks with champion releases. Riot Games released Lillia and Yone back-to-back, but fans of the game have now received official confirmation of the game’s next champion, Samira. Brazilian content creator Streamie, who leaked Lillia, Yone, […]

Riot drops official trailer for League’s newest champion Samira

Get ready for the Desert Rose. Inklings of a new champion have floated around the League of Legends community for the past few weeks, but fans of the game have now finally received confirmation of Samira’s release onto the Rift. Riot Games released a new champion trailer today, giving players an official look at Samira’s abilities. Known […]