Riot teases final mage and support to join League’s champion roster in 2020

Riot also hinted at the next champion to release in 2021. We might be approaching the end of the year, but Riot Games still has plenty of things to show League of Legends fans before we jump into 2021 and beyond. In today’s Champion Roadmap, the developers teased the final two champions that will join the game’s growing […]

Riot teases the new big and burly Dr. Mundo

Mundo has been hitting the gym. Dr. Mundo is next in line for a visual gameplay update in League of Legends. League’s lead champion producer Ryan “Reav3” Mireles provided some insight into how Dr. Mundo is doing in today’s champion roadmap, explaining three things Riot wants to achieve in the update.  Riot is looking to make “big […]

When does the Worlds 2020 Pick’em go live?

Worlds is just around the corner. Pick’em is back for the 2020 League of Legends World Championship—and this time, it’s bigger and better than ever. Once the play-in stage is done and dusted and the groups are locked in for the main event, you’ll have the chance to drag and drop your predictions in the order you […]

Riot breaks down critical strike changes coming to League’s 2021 preseason

The goal is to “broaden the choices for champs building crit.” League of Legends’ lead gameplay designer Mark “Scruffy” Yetter explained the changes coming to critical strike in the 2021 preseason today, outlining the upcoming item system overhaul.  The 2021 preseason’s gameplay changes will focus on a fully upgraded shop interface and a “top to bottom” rework of the item […]

Team Tyler1 beat out Team Yassuo to become Twitch Rivals League of Legends champions

All the trash talk was settled in this highly anticipated matchup. After tearing their way through the eight-team bracket of Twitch Rivals League of Legends Draft Showdown Four, Team Tyler1 were crowned the champions last night. The team captained by Tyler faced off against Team Yassuo in the grand finals in a series that went back and […]

Kings of the bottom lane: The best ADC and Support duos at Worlds 2020

Which combo will triumph over the rest of the pack this year? Over the past year, the bottom lane meta for competitive League of Legends has gone through many shifts. And now that the 2020 World Championship is right around the corner, we get to witness some of the most dominant duos from around the globe clash. […]

The best of the best: Worlds 2020 top 10 player rankings

Who sits on top of the mountain before the 2020 World Championship? After many months of hard work, the best teams across each region have finally earned their place at one of the biggest esports events of the year: the 2020 League of Legends World Championship. Over the past year, we’ve witnessed the fall of legends, the […]

LGD Peanut: A battle for redemption at the 2020 World Championship

For the first time since 2017, the jungle prodigy is back on the Worlds stage. The key motivator for any professional esports player is passion. In a sport where many professionals began playing at the age of 16, the driving force behind the decision to go pro is for many a powerful yet simple desire […]

Some League pros reportedly limited to Riot super servers at Worlds 2020, LS says

World-class League of Legends analyst Nick “LS” De Cesare revealed that current pro players are being blocked from playing on their desired servers in preparation for the 2020 World Championship. On yesterday’s rendition of Hotline League, LS and Travis Gafford mentioned that LEC and LCS teams currently in Shanghai for the upcoming League World Championship are locked to practicing on […]