The League of Legends community is full of talented artists and fans who frequently show off their creativity and dedication to the game’s diverse cast of characters with incredible fan-made designs. One League fan shared their skin concept for Sugar Rush Ahri today, featuring the popular mid laner as part of the dessert-themed skin line.

The color palette fits the overall aesthetic of the other Sugar Rush skins, featuring Ahri with a giant scoop of ice cream as her orb. Her tail is dipped in what looks to be chocolate sauce, and she sports green hair to tie the look together. The skin’s artist shared their step-by-step process of creating this cool look for the Nine-Tailed Fox.

Unfortunately for fans of the concept, it’s highly unlikely Ahri will be getting a Sugar Rush skin anytime soon. Since Ahri is receiving a Spirit Blossom skin, she likely won’t be getting another skin through the end of the year. Similarly, Riot has said it plans to vault the Sugar Rush skin line entirely.

In a recent “Quick LoL Thoughts,” Riot stated the skin line consistently performed worse than other themes like Star Guardians or Dark Star. In the most recent batch of Sugar Rush skins, for example, the cosmetics ended up in the bottom 10 percent of skin lines for the year. As a result, the League developer is shifting focus away from the sugary designs to more substantial themes.

Some fans still believe in the potential of the skin line, however, and think it would become much more popular if Riot chose more popular champions, in addition to featuring creative concepts like Sugar Rush Ahri.

The last champions that received a Sugar Rush skin were Braum, Evelynn, Ziggs, and Zilean in December 2019. But the skin line itself dates back to the release of Lollipoppy, a Poppy skin, in 2010.

Though the skin line’s recent additions make Riot unlikely to release more Sugar Rush skins in the near future, concepts such as this one still serve as inspirations both for the League community and Riot.


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