AlNewest champion Lillia: How To Play League of Legend?

Newest Champion Lillia, The Bashful Bloom, is the newest member of the League of Legends.

Lillia ‘s kit has her in an fascinating role of a near-mid-range skirmisher, with potential for long-range initiation at the spot. Players that are searching for a laner or jungler with mobile magic damage that can orbit walking and out-kite opponents will find a good champion to train and add to their arsenal.
Here’s what you need to learn to help you properly master the Bashful Bloom.

Runes and abilities

Since Lillia has potential either in solo lanes or in the jungle, she can select multiple keystone runes to complement either her user or her team composition. Phase Run, Conqueror, and Arcane Comet are all viable options depending on the game, if you’re solo laning.

When you can reliably hit your skills against a sluggish melee opponent without pace boosts or dashes, Conqueror lets you stretch the leads. Phase Rush helps you to balance opponents with a mid-range equivalent to yours, or a pace boost similar to passive Lillia ‘s Q. Arcane Comet is an alternate route if you’re in a field of game where the competitor doesn’t have a maintain.
In the end, hitting your Es and Qs will push an opponent out of the lane as the slowdown given by E almost guarantees Comet to land to add to your poke.

Dark Harvest or Electrocute are go-to options while you’re jungling, because having extra burst damage on ganks will help drive your damage a bit over the edge to secure kills for your squad. When you are battling a low-tempo early jungler, then Dark Harvest will be more successful if you can find more gank opportunities for opponents to stack it more.

Here are :

Passive: Dream-Laden Bough

Whenever Lillia hits with her abilities on an enemy champion or creature, she tags them with Vision Dust. The passive mark causes enemies damage over time based on their maximum Health.

Blooming Blows

Lillia’s Q has a passive, active component to it. Passively, every time Lillia hurts enemies, she’s getting a boost of speed of movement over time. This bonus speed of movement can be stacked up to five times. As an integrated capability, She quickly sweeps the area around her doing magic damage to the enemies that have been hit in the circle around her.
Like Darius’ Q, there is a small pause until the damage and the hitbox is working, and the enemies that hit the edge of the circle will take extra damage.

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Watch Out! Eep!

After spending much time winding up, Lillia strikes her stave to deal magic damage in the surrounding area , causing additional damage to the enemy caught in the middle of the blast.

Although it can be hard to land the maximum damage circle when you first play it in fast skirmishes against mobile opponents, being able to reach the center on crowd-controlled enemies, like your ultimate, will lead to huge damage opportunities.


Newest Champion Lillia pitches a seed that deals magic damage and slows down enemies that land, if the throw fails, the seed rolls until it collides with an enemy or some sort of terrain. Due to the nature of Swirlseed ‘s launch in combination with long-range rolling, Lillia will strike enemies from unexpected angles and lead them to devastating initiations. With perfect vision, knowledge, and practice, Swirlseed can be a nightmare for your opponent to deal with.


Lilting Lullaby

Attackers with Dream Dust, at any range, are getting drowsy. After the initial delay, the enemy will fall asleep for a few seconds. Any damage done to the enemy will wake them up , giving them additional damage if they wake up this way. Where Swirlseed serves as an initiation weapon to get you to fight faster by hitting enemies from afar, Lilting Lullaby serves as an extra follow-up to crowd control certain enemies trapped by the Swirlsweed after reaching level six.

How to have an optimal jungle clear?

Since Newest Champion Lillia Lillia ‘s kit is about accumulating massive movement speed bonuses, you can make use of this to your advantage to maintain a healthy clear kiting around camps. Using to the pace of the attack step by Lillia will help you realize how much you need to switch between auto attacks and casting skill before you need to avoid doing it again. Comprehending this timing of jumping and hitting back and forth would allow you to disallow slow melee monsters from ever harming you.

If your passive Q stacks exceed the highest speed of movement, then you can start kiting wolves properly to handle on every other strike.After enough attempts, no matter what clear direction you pick, by the time you hit Scuttlecrab as it spawns, you will be in near to full health with a smite to protect the crab in case an enemy jungler shows up..

Laning, ganking, the mid/late game, and item paths to consider

Note the major damage cooldowns of the enemy while running with Lillia, in addition to their movement cooldowns. This is because after obtaining several passive Q piles, Lillia can punish opponents relatively easily who waste their dash and can chase and turn through rapidly receding.

Liandry’s Torment is a strong element that synergizes with Lillia ‘s kit as her skills make her willing to stick around in combat for longer, and compound her passive dream dust mark with her damage overtime. If you’re up against an opponent with a lot of regenerated energy Morellonomicon suits best with the structure of Lillia as the Grievous Wounds helps counter the healing, and the flat magic penetration is a position that Lillia will always appreciate.

Lillia’s weaknesses

Since the power of Lillia comes from her kiting skill and receiving bonus movement pace, champions with instant and focused gap closers, such as Rengar or Ekko, will prove painful for early handling of Lillia players.

Like Vladimir, while laning, Lillia often battles with enemies who can survive successfully during prolonged fights.

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