LEC commissioner Maximilian Schmidt announced today that League of Legends‘ newest champion, Lillia, will be making her league debut in week eight of the 2020 LEC Summer Split.

This means the Bashful Bloom will be available for any teams when the playoffs begin in a few weeks on Patch 10.16, unless there’s a major issue. But Schmidt also confirmed that the game’s upcoming new champion, Yone, will be disabled for the summer postseason.

This decision was made based on the league rules, which say that any champions or champion reworks released in the patch used during playoffs will be restricted—even if that patch is used during the regular season.

Lillia will be hitting Summoner’s Rift during the LEC’s final superweek, where the league will be playing over three days of competition instead of just two. There are also multiple big matchups during that weekend, including a clash between Rogue and MAD Lions, who are two of the top teams in Europe.

It seems like players are still trying to find the right playstyle and build for Lillia, though, at least in solo queue. The whimsical champion has the lowest win rate of any jungler in the game, sitting at a measly 41 percent. But still, she has the third-highest play rate and ban rate of any jungling champion.

We could see some teams in Europe bust out Lillia, especially with multiple rosters trying to break the mold and find new, creative team compositions to surprise their opponents. Teams like MAD Lions and G2 Esports are always ready to shock their fans with champion picks out of left field, so look for a team to pick the dreaming doe when week eight rolls around on Friday, Aug. 7.

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