Here’s Ezreal’s Prestige Edition skin.

Riot revealed the new PsyOps skin line today. The Public Beta Environment preview displayed which champions the vibrant and colorful skins will be available for.

This line has something for everyone. Ezreal, Master Yi, Shen, Vi, and Sona will receive these skins. Sorry, Sona mains, but the Prodigal Explorer Ezreal will have a PsyOps Prestige Edition skin that players can unlock.

The skin looks similar to True Damage in its metallic and colorful feel but features some cool android-like sounds and effects.

Although it’s unclear when these skins will be playable on the live servers, they’ll be up for purchase after they’ve been introduced on the PBE to make sure there aren’t any visual bugs or other issues with them.

This skin line was teased by Brazilian leaker Streamie in late July. She said Sona would receive a new skin, which has proven to be true, according to a Reddit user who translated her comments. A few days ago, Streamie also leaked the rumored 151st champ Samira, a deadly marksman that allegedly shares similarities to Katarina and Irelia.

In anticipation of the expected release of these skins, players should ensure they save up some RP since these cosmetics likely won’t come cheap.

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