K/DA’s newest EP titled ALL OUT given official release date

Save the date folks because some almighty bangers will be released this November. League of Legends‘ own virtual K-pop group K/DA is about to make a grand comeback. Riot has been teasing fans with K/DA promotional content for months now. But the company is finally giving out the first juicy tidbits of information about the […]

K/DA further teases upcoming EP in latest issue of comic featuring Evelynn

The K/DA content just keeps delivering. Who would’ve thought that Evelynn would have such a sweet side? The latest issue of the virtual band’s comic series, “K/DA: Harmonies,” details the struggle of a young girl trying to find her own voice in the world. And it’s K/DA’s very own Evelynn that helps the girl to learn this […]

Best Akali build in League of Legends season 10

Here’s the best build for the Rogue Assassin. Akali is one of League of Legends’ swiftest champions in the game. She can take over games easily in season 10 with a small lead. Her core items are quite cheap and her early game is great as well, even though she is melee and doesn’t have a lot […]

Free Champion Rotation: 05.22

Free Champion Rotation 05.22

New free champion rotation: Aurelian Sol, Soraka, Ziggs and more! Greetings Summoners! Here are this week’s free champions:

Patch 6.3 notes

Patch Notes 6.3

Champions Akali Q returns more energy. R’s speed increased. When we set out to make Duskblade (the shiny new assassin item you can read all about below), we evaluated a lot of our assassins together to see if anyone was significantly ahead or behind the pack. When looking at those left behind, it’s no surprise […]