Best Champions for Every Role for Climbing!

Irelia best champ

With the upcoming changes announced in Patch 11.15, we still have more than a week to increase our chances of winning with the right champions, builds, and strategies. Today we bring you the best champions for every role that rely very little on a team-coordinated play without impacting their performance. Without further ado, let’s jump […]

Best Miss Fortune build in League of Legends season 10

“Fortune doesn’t favor fools.” The bot lane meta changed entirely in League of Legends season 10. Champions who were not great picks in previous seasons leapt to the top of the ADC rankings over the past year. Of all the bot lane marksmen in the game, Miss Fortune has been a common choice due to the ease […]

Best Zyra build in League of Legends season 10

This is how you carry as support Zyra. Zyra is one of the best offensive supports to carry a League of Legends solo queue game. She punishes immobile champions and is a nuisance to deal with, even if she is behind. She scales well with Liandry’s Torment and Rylai’s Crystal Scepter, making her difficult to deal with […]

Best Ezreal build in League of Legends season 10

These items and runes are ideal for Ezreal. Ezreal is one of the most popular bottom laners in League of Legends season 10. He has a roughly weak early game since he needs a bit of time to scale and stack his Tear. Once he gets his core items of Manamune and Sheen, however, he can take […]

Best Warwick build in League of Legends season 10

Here’s one of the best builds for Warwick in season 10. Easily one of League of Legends‘ most iconic jungle champions, Warwick has been popular since he was added in the early stages of the game. The champion has gone through a complete redesign changing his look and kit completely. But Warwick remains extremely powerful and […]

Best Pantheon build in League of Legends season 10

One of the best builds for one of the most versatile champions. The Unbreakable Spear, Pantheon is one of the most versatile champions in League of Legends. While traditionally played as a top champion, Pantheon can be played in the mid lane and even support. The champion’s kit allows him to shut down opponents’ abilities and […]

Best Mordekaiser build in League of Legends season 10

This is one of the most effective ways to build up Mordekaiser. The Iron Revenant Mordekaiser is one of the strongest picks in League of Legends season 10. His powerful skillset combined with his advantage above many other top or mid lane champions makes him the perfect champion to assist players in climbing the ranks during the […]

Best Teemo build for League of Legends season 10

Everyone’s favorite Yordle Teemo might get a lot of criticism online for being a “meme champ,” but this is most definitely not the case. The top lane champion excels due to his skillset being favorable in many of the matchups the player may find themselves in. As with any champion, different items are going to […]