Renata Glasc Best Builds & Runes

Renata Glasc is a Zaunite kingpin, the head of the popular Glasc Industries company. The Chembaron brings flair and style to the undercity, with her beauty products both raising up its citizens while also keeping them firmly in her grasp, letting her bend them to her will. Top meta Renata Glasc build in Season 12 […]

League of Legends rune guide for different roles and playstyles

Learn about runes for different playstyles, across jungle, top, mid, and the bot lane. In League of Legends, there’s a wide variety of options to choose from when it comes to your in-game runes. There are five different paths, but players can sometimes feel pressured by the presence of runes. To truly use what a League champion has […]

Top Yasuo counter builds in League of Legends

“No cure for fools.” Yasuo is one of the most popular and powerful champions in League of Legends. Since his release in 2013, the champion has seen consistent play in casual and competitive games. While he started as a mid lane champion, he has seen play all around the map most commonly in the mid or […]

Best Gangplank build in League of Legends season 10

This is how you carry with Gangplank from the top lane. Gangplank is one of the most underused top laners in League of Legends season 10. He has a great laning phase thanks to Corrupting Potion and can influence other lanes easily starting level six with his global ultimate. His builds are flexible and can be adjusted […]

Best Maokai build in League of Legends season 10

Maokai is one of the best top laners in League of Legends season 10. He has an all-inclusive kit that has a slow, gap closer, an AoE root, and a heal. He’s reliable and can perform well without having resources funneled into him. As with all League champions, specific items are going to be more effective depending on the […]

The best champions to help you climb the League solo queue ladder

For a lot of players, ranked can be a frustrating experience in League of Legends. Between the teammates who refuse to coordinate, the vastly different skill levels, and the odd smurf or two, you can sometimes feel like you’re going backward. But there are a few champions, if mastered, that can help you beat the system and […]

Best Akali build in League of Legends season 10

Here’s the best build for the Rogue Assassin. Akali is one of League of Legends’ swiftest champions in the game. She can take over games easily in season 10 with a small lead. Her core items are quite cheap and her early game is great as well, even though she is melee and doesn’t have a lot […]

Best Veigar build for League of Legends season 10

“You deny the darkness in your soul! You deny your power!” League of Legends has many ability power-based champions, but not all of them are able to build up this stat without items. Veigar is capable of becoming extremely powerful due to his passive, which allows him to stack AP. Given this advantage, Veigar is strong […]

Best Udyr build in League of Legends season 10

Here’s one of the best builds for Udyr in season 10. Udyr, the Spirit Walker, is one of the most popular jungle choices in League of Legends. The champion offers players a unique range of stances as opposed to abilities that will see his basic attacks change in their damage and effects. While he isn’t the […]

Best Heimerdinger build for League of Legends season 10

“Indeed, a wise choice.” One of the most esteemed inventors Piltover has ever seen, Heimerdinger is one of the most versatile champions in League of Legends. Players can take him into any lane and find success with the Yordle. The champion excels against melee-based champions due to the turrets that are part of his kit, allowing […]