How to play in the Worlds 2020 Clash event

Don’t be making other plans for the Clash weekend. Since its initial tests, Clash has evolved into a great way to increase hype during the prime periods of each League of Legends season. Clash is a great way to captivate seasonal highs alongside squadmates and is filled with awesome rewards that you can use to show off in […]

League’s Worlds 2020 Clash Event has stakes “higher than ever” and a 16-team bracket

Start prepping now—the tournament kicks off Oct. 10. If League of Legends Clash tournaments weren’t high-pressured enough, the Worlds 2020 Clash Event should be even more intense. Riot broke down the upcoming tournament in today’s blog, explaining that the “stakes are higher than ever with larger brackets and bigger rewards.” Worlds Clash will be held twice on back-to-back […]