All pro League players that appeared in the Take Over Worlds song

Some true legends were featured. Riot Games finally dropped the new anthem of League of Legends’ World Championship. Not only this year’s banger sets the tone leading up to Worlds for the player base, but it’s also a gigantic tribute to the past events and champions. Riot collaborated with A Day to Remember’s frontman Jeremy McKinnon, MAX, […]

Faker stars in SK telecom 5GX commercial with Tottenham’s Son Heung-min

PogChamp. Faker and Son Heung-min, two of the biggest names in South Korean pop culture, were recently featured in a series of SK telecom 5GX commercials promoting the new Samsung Galaxy Note 20, Cloud Gaming Services, and Xbox Game Pass. The duo, known for their prowess in their respective sports—League of Legends and soccer—took a step […]

According to TES.Knight, Faker is no longer the best mid laner at the present time?

Certainly, over the recent past, Top Esports mid laner, Knight is the players who attract the most attention in professional League of Legends after his high performances at the LPL 2020 Spring as well as the Sino-Korean friendly tournament that has just ended not long ago. In a recent interview, when Knight was asked about the top […]

T1 clean sweep Sandbox Gaming with Faker on the bench for second game in a row

Is Faker coming back till playoffs? T1 took down Sandbox Gaming today in convincing fashion with rookie mid laner Lee “Clozer” Ju-hyeon in the driver’s seat in place of Faker. T1’s Lee “Effort” Sang-ho and Moon “Cuzz” Woo-chan played superb today on Bard and Rek’Sai, securing the Player of the Game awards for the first […]

The top 10 Faker plays of all time

Still, the unkillable demon king… Faker is one of the best League of Legends players in the world, if not the best. Throughout his career, he’s become the face of League due to his personality and godlike skills. His gigantic champion pool makes him impossible to target during the drafting stage, meaning there aren’t enough bans to get rid […]

T1 substitute Clozer in for Faker, win Telecom War against KT Rolster

Was Faker the problem? T1 swept KT Rolster 2-0 today during mid laner Lee “Clozer” Ju-hyeon’s debut in the LCK. The rookie mid laner was subbed in to replace the legendary Faker, likely putting a lot of pressure on the 17-year-old. He played remarkably well in this League of Legends series, though, receiving the Player of the […]

Faker’s Secret pick for WORLDS 2019 – Mid Pantheon

Faker’s Secret pick for WORLDS 2019

 This is just a funny stream highlights or maybe a serious one from Faker. We all know that pantheon is a good at teleporting in different lanes from top or bottom plus if you add TP to his spell you can see him anywhere with added 3rd skill it doesn’t even differ in braum’s […]

What we learned and what we’ll do with SpectateFaker

Over the last week, we’ve been wrestling with some complex and layered issues around how players create and share gameplay content online, as brought up by the SpectateFaker streaming case. It’s come with a lot of learnings, some unclear communication on our part and a lot of debate, both within Riot and externally, on the […]