League fan creates impressive PsyOps Rakan skin concept

Riot, we need to talk. The League of Legends community is blessed with dedicated and talented fans who enjoy featuring their favorite game in their artistic works. These artworks significantly rise in quantity and quality whenever Riot Games introduces a new skin line, which doesn’t include a highly-anticipated champion. While leaks dictate which champions are likely to […]

League fan creates superb floral-themed Spirit Blossom Xayah concept

Her feathers would be replaced with lotus petals. A League of Legends fan by the name of magnusmight shared their stunning skin concept for Xayah today. The artist expressed their enjoyment for the recent Spirit Blossom event and skins and shared an idea of what the Rebel would look like if she were to join the game’s newest skin […]

Check the Fan Art made on Dj Sona

When we are talking about community creations Riot Jynx posted few fan arts made for the newest skin of Sona – DJ Sona. DJ Sona’s debut album has inspired a wave of awesome community creations. Check out this creative collection of Kinetic, Concussive, and Ethereal fan art to celebrate your favorite track! Don’t forget to click the artists’ […]