League of Legends beginner’s guide

Here’s what you need to know to get started in the game today. The goal in League is to work as a team to destroy the enemy Nexus or crush the enemy’s hopes of victory to the point that they surrender. The Nexus is the primary objective in each team’s base. Once its health hits zero, the […]

Blitzcrank 101: How to Bait and Hook

When Blitzcrank’s on the Rift, enemy champions play safe. As most League players will know, one successful grab from Blitzcrank could mean instant death. This is a guide on a technique that applies to most tanks. If you’re playing Blitzcrank and want to use this technique, you should definitely get the recommended tank-support items. Also, […]

ADR 101: How to Win in Early Game

ADRs, or marksmen, are ranged damaged dealers. While they do a lot of damage once they’re fed, they are very squishy. Also, if they’re not fed, they’re usually useless in the game. This is a guide to help you throughout the laning phase, so you can get fed and dominate in team fights. Early game is […]