Top 10 Non-Mythic Items In League of Legends

1. Guinsoo’s Rageblade Guinsoo’s Rageblade is a powerful item in League of Legends that can be extremely effective in the right hands. The item gives a player a significant boost to their attack damage and ability power, making them much more deadly in combat. Additionally, the Rageblade also passively increases the player’s life steal, making […]

Preseason 2022: PBE Preview

Preseason 2022

A quick-and-easy reference guide for all Preseason 2022 content coming to PBE Shio Shoujo Hello everyone! Today we’ve got a lot to cover, from new drakes and items to changes to already existing ones! Let’s dive into the Preseason 2022 PBE Preview! Preseason 2022 will be available on PBE starting today for an extended period […]