The Breakdown with Zirene: The power of Kayn

power of kayn

This week on The Breakdown we’re taking a look at League’s newest citizen Kayn, and the strengths that he brings to competitive play. Although he has remained a mystery to many, he was played to much success by Cloud9’s jungler Contractz, who utilized Kayn’s early strength, mobility, and transformation. Both Cloud9 and Contractz demonstrated a […]

Champion Insights: Kayn, the Scythe Guy

kayn league of legends

The year was 2k17, and League still didn’t have a champion who actually used a scythe in combat. Combine this with a lack of darkin characters, and it seemed like a match made in heaven… or hell. Enter Kayn, a semi-darkin composed of equal parts arrogance, power, and xXedginessxX. WAR, CORRUPTION, AND REALLY INFLATED EGOS […]

Kayn – Champion Guide 2017

Kayn Guide

  Kayn, the Shadow Reaper, holds a devastating scythe which is in control of Rhaast. Kayn has to fight Rhaast so that he can take over the control of his scythe. By fighting melee champions, the Darkin will be able to take over the control and you become a skirmisher ready to take over any […]