Championship Leblanc & Worlds 2020 Content

“Looks can be deceiving.” – Championship Leblanc Leblanc’s chromas, icon, ward skin, returning legacy championship and team skins, and new Worlds 2020 icons & emotes are now available! Championship LeBlanc Skin Championship LeBlanc is now available with a cut of the revenue feeding into Worlds! Championship LeBlanc 1350 RP “Celebrating Worlds 2020 in Shanghai.” “25% of […]

LeBlanc will receive this year’s Championship skin according to latest League PBE update

The skin diverts from the traditional style. LeBlanc has earned this year’s League of Legends Championship skin in celebration of the upcoming World Championship, according to the latest 10.19 PBE update. She will be the joining the ranks of Riven, Thresh, Shyvana, Kalista, Zed, and others as one of the champions who impacted that year’s professional play. […]

Notes for Patch 8.8

Patch 8.8 League of Legends

Patch Notes 8.8 With MSI and the Summer Split just around the corner, Riot is adjusting the champions for competitive play. Originally, before the start of Season 8, Riot plans were to publish a big and a small patch alternately. However, as we approach to mid-season, it seems that their plans have changed, and they’ve […]