Changes for Patch 8.9

Patch 8.9

Patch 8.9 In this patch, Riot is introducing two big changes – one to the mages and one to the neutral objectives.  They are altering the mana consumption of the mages, making for them harder to farm during the mid-game period. Also, they are increasing Baron’s health stats, as well as decreasing his damage output, […]

Notes for Patch 8.8

Patch 8.8 League of Legends

Patch Notes 8.8 With MSI and the Summer Split just around the corner, Riot is adjusting the champions for competitive play. Originally, before the start of Season 8, Riot plans were to publish a big and a small patch alternately. However, as we approach to mid-season, it seems that their plans have changed, and they’ve […]

Notes for Patch 8.7 on the Live Servers

Patch Notes 8.7 The long awaited rework of one of the oldest League of Legends champions, Irelia, hits the live servers. While the original post jokingly suggests this is a nerf to her, we all well know how League’s reworks turn out (I’m looking at you Swain). Another big change coming to this patch is […]