Deficio steps down as general manager of Astralis

Origen had a rough year. After a tough year, Astralis Group has made some big decisions around its competitive League of Legends team. And Martin “Deficio” Lynge revealed today that he’s stepped down from his position as Origen’s general manager. “It’s been a roller-coaster of highs [and] lows with strong Spring Splits but failing to develop for summer,” Deficio said. […]

Origen to undergo “rebuild” after disappointing LEC Summer Split exit

“We are very aware that we might have to take one step back to move forwards in the right direction.” Origen will be undergoing massive changes after a last-place finish in the LEC Summer Split meant the team won’t head to Worlds 2020, the organization announced today. This comes in spite of a “satisfactory performance” in […]

Vitality upset Origen in LEC Summer Split

Following a strong 2-0 week after adding Jactroll to its League of Legends lineup, Origen faltered against Vitality today. Vitality, the team that sent Jactroll to Origen, took down their former teammate and ended the new lineup’s recent win streak in the 2020 LEC Summer Split. After a 40-minute brawl in which Vitality maintained control over the game, they […]

Origen are the first European Masters Champions

League of Legends European Masters Finals

European Masters Final Last night was the last night of the first European Masters competition. The fresh roster of the Spanish team Origen managed to decisively win over Illuminar Gaming. In a Bo5  series, Origen won 3 to 0, making it a clean sweep. This result was not something unexpected, as Illuminar Gaming were not […]

FORG1VEN will be out of the pro scene for the rest of 2018

Forgiven League of Legends

Forg1ven is taking some time off League Forg1ven, the current AD Carry for Origen, announced on his twitter profile that he will be out for the rest of 2018 and most of 2019. He arrived at Origen for the second time at the beginning of April, prior to the start of the European Masters, […]

European Masters Tiebreakers: Origen swipes KlikTech with a turnaround!

Tiebreakers European Masters League of Legends

Scroll down for the Video Highlights of the Tiebreakers European Masters Main Event Yesterday we spoke about the outcome of the group stage of the European Masters. While group A and B had clear positions with teams that proceed and teams that fall out of the tournament, group C and D had a totally different […]

Highlights of the European Master Main Event, Day 4

European Masters Day 4

European Masters Day 4 The last day of the group stage was full of surprises. We saw KlikTech lose for the first time in 28 matches on the competitive team. And although they won against the group favorites – Origen – just two days ago, they weren’t able to win over the British team ExceL […]

European Masters, Group Stage Review and Tiebreakers

European Masters Group Stage and Tiebreakers

Which teams go to the knock-out stage? The just finished match between MAD Lions EC and Ninjas in Pyjamas concluded the group stage of the European Masters. While all the matches were played, we still do not know all the teams that go straight to the quarterfinals and the ones that have to pass the […]