Pentakill skins & Hextech Tristana are on the PBE!

Metal is Born Video

The Pentakill is here with the teaser on Riot Games Music channel and a new skinline shipped to the PBE called Pentakil III: Lost Chapter! Without further ado, let’s cast metal and check the new Pentakill Skins out! Pentakill Skins, turnarounds & other An album teaser was released by Riot Games Music: “Pentakill – conquerors […]

Warwick player saves Nexus with clutch 1-vs-5 pentakill in League of Legends

Dangerous dog inside. A¬†League of Legends¬†player with all the odds against them snagged a one-vs-five pentakill to save the Nexus, posting the video today. Using Warwick, the player survived with a sliver of health and gave their team a fighting chance at victory. As five enemies were knocking at the gates, the Warwick player ran […]

Mic checks – EU LCS Finals, Spring Split

Mic checks: EU LCS Finals

Mic checks: Fnatic vs G2 and Vitality vs Splyce Last Sunday, Fnatic won the EU LCS Spring Split. In the final series we saw two pentakills from Rekkles, fountain dive, solo outplays and more. And today, LoL Esports gave us the chance to witness these events from the players perspective. Dive into the video below […]