The 3 biggest takeaways from the first day of Worlds 2020 play-in stage

Worlds hasn’t disappointed yet. It’s only been a day, but League of Legends fans have already experienced a ton of ups and downs at the 2020 World Championship—and we haven’t even gotten to the group stage yet. From huge upsets to awesome debuts, the first day of the play-in stage didn’t disappoint anyone who decided to tune […]

PSG Talon upset LGD Gaming in Worlds 2020 play-in stage

If PSG Talon make it out of the play-in stage, it’d be one of the greatest Worlds stories ever. PSG Talon pulled off one of the most brilliant displays of the underdog spirit that the League of Legends World Championship has ever seen today. The second seed out of the Pacific Championship Series handily dispatched China’s fourth-best […]