Second batch of PsyOps skins set to arrive on League’s live servers with Patch 10.19

Championship LeBlanc and True Damage Yasuo’s Prestige Edition will also hit the Rift this patch. A total of seven new League of Legends skins are arriving on the live servers in this patch, including the second batch of PsyOps skins, Championship LeBlanc, and True Damage Yasuo’s Prestige Edition. In Patch 10.18, Riot Games debuted the new spy-themed […]

League fan creates impressive PsyOps Rakan skin concept

Riot, we need to talk. The League of Legends community is blessed with dedicated and talented fans who enjoy featuring their favorite game in their artistic works. These artworks significantly rise in quantity and quality whenever Riot Games introduces a new skin line, which doesn’t include a highly-anticipated champion. While leaks dictate which champions are likely to […]

Psyops 2020 – New Skins, Chromas, Missions, Loot & MORE

“The future is malleable. The now is death and war.”  The PsyOps 2020 event has launched, running from now until September 30th! Check out new skins for Ezreal, Master Yi, Shen, Sona, & Vi, chromas, missions (both general and pass), loot, the return of the One for All game mode, and more! PsyOps Skins Teaser & Event Trailer The PsyOps event is here! In addition […]

When does the 2020 League of Legends PsyOps event end?

Earn all the goodies you can before the event wraps up. The latest League of Legends event is here in celebration of the game’s newest spy-themed skin line, PsyOps. Fans will have just under a month to participate in the event and earn rewards with tokens.  Like Spirit Blossom, the PsyOps skin line will debut in two […]