Kings of the bottom lane: The best ADC and Support duos at Worlds 2020

Which combo will triumph over the rest of the pack this year? Over the past year, the bottom lane meta for competitive League of Legends has gone through many shifts. And now that the 2020 World Championship is right around the corner, we get to witness some of the most dominant duos from around the globe clash. […]

The best of the best: Worlds 2020 top 10 player rankings

Who sits on top of the mountain before the 2020 World Championship? After many months of hard work, the best teams across each region have finally earned their place at one of the biggest esports events of the year: the 2020 League of Legends World Championship. Over the past year, we’ve witnessed the fall of legends, the […]

Worlds 2020: Players to watch

Cue the montage music. The League of Legends World Championship is just around the corner. All of the attendees have been decided, and players from across the globe have arrived in Shanghai for a mandatory two-week quarantine before the tournament begins on Sept. 25. A year of work has led to this moment, and for a select […]