Riot adds new League figures of Neeko, Ryze, and Jax to merch store

The newest additions to Riot’s figurine line include some popular champs. Three new League of Legends figures have been added to the Riot Games Store as part of the newest line of the highly sought after Nendoroid-like collectibles. Neeko, Ryze, and Jax join the many other champions available in this series, including Zoe, Yuumi, Morgana, Lucian, Twisted Fate, and […]

Best Ryze build for League of Legends season 10

“I could tell you what’s on this scroll, but then I’d have to obliterate you.” One of League of Legends most versatile champions, Ryze, is often played in both the top and mid lanes. The sorcerer offers a slow start but is very rewarding mid to late game as his power spikes after acquiring his core items. […]

League player shows off Ryze’s scaling power with 1-vs-5 pentakill

Not even close. The “Q” and “E” keys are a Ryze player’s best friend. A League of Legends player showcased how devastating a fed Ryze can be, posting an effortless one-vs-five pentakill today. The Ryze player was pressuring the enemy’s top lane inhibitor turret until the opposing Jhin tried to contest it. The fed Rune Mage easily […]

Patch 6.3 notes

Patch Notes 6.3

Champions Akali Q returns more energy. R’s speed increased. When we set out to make Duskblade (the shiny new assassin item you can read all about below), we evaluated a lot of our assassins together to see if anyone was significantly ahead or behind the pack. When looking at those left behind, it’s no surprise […]