Riot previews new Ornn and Skarner skins

Finally. Some of the underserved champs in League of Legends are finally getting the love they deserve. Ornn, Skarner, and Nautilus are all set to receive some shiny new skins in the near future. Riot posted an update on all of the upcoming content in League earlier today, including the concept designs for both Ornn and Skarner’s new skins. The Ornn […]

PPMT Ep. 3: Skarner is back with a new cheesy tactic

Skarner with New Cheesy Tactic

Domination Runes Buffs With the introduction of Patch 8.10 two weeks ago, we saw some small but effective changes in the domination tree. Even though these changes passed unnoticed by the general community of League of Legends, they are quite impactful for certain champions. One of the champions that benefit most from this small buff […]

Free Champion Rotation: 05.22

Free Champion Rotation 05.22

New free champion rotation: Aurelian Sol, Soraka, Ziggs and more! Greetings Summoners! Here are this week’s free champions:

Champion Updates and Balance Changes, Cho’Gath Texture Changes!

Hello Summoners! First of all, if you didn’t check our last posts about the newest champion Brad and the new added skins and champion updates you can check them HERE and HERE . For today we have texture update and change on Cho’ Gath. We have upcoming Cinderhulk + Cromp Changes  (Tanks on Fire). For more […]