Riot shows off Hextech Kassadin, new Halloween-themed skins on League’s PBE

League of Legends fans are in for a treat. Halloween is headed to the Rift. The spooky holiday is just around the corner and Riot Games is celebrating the season with a new batch of League of Legends skins. The developer showed off PBE previews of new Tales from the Rift skins for Amumu, Elise, and Fizz […]

PsyOps and Hextech splash arts found on League PBE

Ezreal gets another skin to expand his collection. Two weeks after Riot teased a psychic android skin line in League of Legends, fans finally got a look at some new splash arts today on the PBE. While these PsyOps splash arts for Ezreal, Vi, and Shen are the only ones available on the PBE right now, more should be […]

Champions and Skin Sale October 7 – 14, 2019

Champions and Skin Sale October 7 - 14, 2019

Champions Neeko   975 682 Irelia   880 440 Leona   880 352 Yorick   880 352 Malphite   585 292 Skins Battle Professor Graves 1350 975  Dunkmaster Ivern 1350 975 Pulsefire Twisted Fate 1350 944 Gravelord Azir 1350 742 Baker Pantheon 975 731  El Macho Mundo 1350 675 Cosmic Enchantress Lulu 1350 675  Pool Party Taric 1350 675 Cyber Pop Zoe 1350 675 Jurassic Kog’Maw […]

Blind No More!

League of Legends Twitter has released their first teaser of a new Lee Sin skin. With the tagline of “Immortal sight cannot be obscured”, it would seem that this is the precedence for the next legendary skin. After several years, it would appear that our good old blind monk would finally be able to see. The decision […]

Champion and skin sale: 03.17 – 03.20

skin sale 03 17 2017

Grab these champions and skins on sale for 50% off for a limited time: Skin Sales Give your champions a new look with these skins: Commando Xin Zhao 520 260 RP Tundra Fizz 750 375 RP Dragonslayer Braum 975 487 RP Elderwood Bard 975 487 RP Champion Sales Add these champions to your roster: Quinn […]

Champion and Skin Sale [03.03 – 06.03]

Hello Summoners! From today 03.03, till 06.03, you will have the opportunity to buy a new skin for your Vladimir, Amumu and Graves. Together with the skins, you will be able to buy Twitch, Orianna and Gnar for 50% of their actual price. Skins : Marquis Vladimir 260RP   Mafia Graves 487RP Sad Robot Amumu 675 […]

Champion and Skin Sale [27.02 – 02.03]

Summoners in the period of 27.02 to 02.03 you will be able to extend your champions list and to get new skins for your Fiddlestick, Nunu and Shyvana. All this on 50% off from their actual price. Skins: Grungy Nunu 375RPSpectral Fiddlesticks 260RPIce Drake Shyvana 487RP Champions : Nami 487RPEzreal 440RPFiddlesticks 292RP Check the latest […]