Secret to SKT Teddy’s High CS – Worlds 2019

Secret to Teddy's CS

SKT T1 Teddy’s Secret to High CS Revealed  STAFF: Who steals jungle monsters from you the most? SKT Clid: I think it’s Teddy without any doubt. When i am jungle pathing, he comes and say’s “I will get this.” And takes everything. He is shameless. I don’t know what to say. Faker: I have […]

LCK Playoffs: SKT Demolished by KT Rolster in a Bo5

SKT vs KT Rolster - LCK Spring 2018

SKT’s Decline SK Telekom, for the first time in esports history, has failed to qualify for the MSI. SKT had a rough Spring Split this year. They’ve managed to only finish 4th in the group stage of the Split. They won half of the games (9W, 9L), which was unseen in previous seasons. Even though […]