Patch 11.16 Notes are finally here!

Patch 11.16 Notes

Hello everyone and welcome back to our coverage of the new Patch 11.16 Notes! This took a while due to Riot’s August break, but now we are ready to talk about the recent changes, nerfs, and buffs to champions and items. You can expect a variety of nerfs aimed at all levels of play for […]

Patch 11.16 Preview is here! (Updated)

Sona Update

We finally got a sneak peek at the upcoming buffs and nerfs to champions and items in Patch 11.16 Preview Posted by Riot Jag! Remember, though, that this patch will be shipped 1 week late prior to the original schedule. This one includes a System nerfs to Dark Seal, buffs to Fleet Footwork keystone, and […]

Riot’s Quick Gameplay Thoughts on Sona 7/9

Sona Update

We’re targeting patch 11.16 for a mid-scope Sona update. Captain Gameplay Hello everyone and welcome to our summary of Captain Gameplay’s thoughts and reasoning about the upcoming changes to our favorite strings’ virtuoso, Sona. We hope people will find future possible changes to her kit exciting, as Sona had a lot of limitations put on […]

League of Legends: Wild Rift adds new skins

More of your favorite League of Legends skins are now available in Wild Rift. The ball keeps rolling for the beta of League of Legends‘ new mobile experience, Wild Rift. Since entering a limited beta in select regions, the game has added new champions, as well as popular skins for those already in the game. In a […]

Riot breaks down Sona-Lux bot lane meta

The bottom lane has become popular in season 10. The bottom lane duo of Sona and Lux has become increasingly popular and has been seen in different tournaments all around the world. To break down the pairing, Riot Games have released a video on Sona and Lux, explaining why it works in season 10. Both […]

8/6 PBE Update: Psyops Sona Voiceover

The PBE has been updated! As we continue the 10.18 PBE cycle, today’s patch includes PsyOps Sona’s voiceover files and a look at base Sona’s special interactions! As a Legendary skin, PsyOps Sona has a new voiceover! With Sona’s updated voiceover, she has new special interactions! Here’s a video showing them off: Balance Changes There are no Balance Changes for now! Context & Notes […]

Sona is finally getting a voiceover update in League of Legends

“With perfect tempo.” Sona’s voiceover has remained the same since her release in 2010. Many League of Legends fans have asked Riot Games to update her lore and voice lines, but their pleas went unheard until today. The Maven of the Strings is finally getting a full VO rework. One of the biggest reasons why people wanted […]

LoL News Champion Guides Day 1 – Sona

Hello, everyone. Welcome to the first edition of LoL News Champion Guides. For this article, I would go over and talk about a champion who’s by no means a League newbie. For more than half a decade, summoners have continually witnessed her hymns that have either sent enemies packing with an unexpected shock or provided […]

Check the Fan Art made on Dj Sona

When we are talking about community creations Riot Jynx posted few fan arts made for the newest skin of Sona – DJ Sona. DJ Sona’s debut album has inspired a wave of awesome community creations. Check out this creative collection of Kinetic, Concussive, and Ethereal fan art to celebrate your favorite track! Don’t forget to click the artists’ […]