VALORANT players discover crouch jump technique to counter Sage wall on Split

This useful tip can help you get on new vantage points. A VALORANT player shared how to counter Sage’s wall on Split mid last night, using crouch jump to get on a box. And now, another fan has added on. VALORANT player u/kratzk0pp expanded on the idea today, breaking down exactly how to crouch jump and other ways it can […]

VALORANT player highlights useful vantage point on Split with Jett and Raze

Only specific agents can reach this elevated position. A VALORANT player highlighted an area above A site on the map Split, which certain agents can use as a vantage point. Jett and Raze players can use their abilities to reach the elevated area to cover multiple bombsite entrances. The player explained how to reach the spot with Raze and […]