Riot teams up with Prime Gaming to dish out exclusive VALORANT loot starting next week

Amazon Prime members will receive in-game rewards for free. Amazon Prime members are in luck. Riot is once again partnering up with Prime Gaming to deliver free in-game items to Amazon Prime members. And now, Riot’s newest title, VALORANT, is getting some love starting next week. “We’re kicking things off next week on September 16 with […]

How to watch BLAST Invitational: VALORANT Ignition Series

G2 look to secure their seventh consecutive win. Danish tournament organizer BLAST is joining forces with Twitch to host the final installment of the VALORANT Ignition Series in Europe. Broadcast on Twitch, the three-day event will feature four of the top teams in the world for a massive €50,000 (roughly $59,000) prize pool. FunPlus Phoenix, Ninjas in […]

All VALORANT Ignition Series tournament results

The Ignition Series is Riot’s first step in building a VALORANT esports scene. The VALORANT Ignition Series is a series of tournaments created in partnership with players, teams, content creators, and tournament organizers from all over the world. It’s Riot’s first step in building a VALORANT esports scene. And instead of major events or a league structure, it focuses […]

BLAST to host VALORANT Ignition Series event on Sept. 11

The three-day tournament will feature FunPlus Phoenix, G2 Esports, Ninjas in Pyjamas, and Team Liquid. Danish tournament organizer BLAST is expanding into VALORANT for the final installment of the Ignition Series. The BLAST VALORANT Twitch Invitational will include four of the best teams in Europe for a €50,000 ($59,000) prize pool. FunPlus Phoenix, G2 Esports, Ninjas in Pyjamas, and […]

When does VALORANT’s Act 2 end?

It’s not over yet. VALORANT seasons are broken up into Episodes and Acts. The first Episode and Act kicked off all the way back in June with the launch of the game, and the second Act started two months later in August. Each Episode includes four Acts, and for every Act, players get a new battle […]

VALORANT player highlights useful vantage point on Split with Jett and Raze

Only specific agents can reach this elevated position. A VALORANT player highlighted an area above A site on the map Split, which certain agents can use as a vantage point. Jett and Raze players can use their abilities to reach the elevated area to cover multiple bombsite entrances. The player explained how to reach the spot with Raze and […]

T1 releases food and crashies from its VALORANT roster

“We’re thankful for all the work they put into the team and wish them the best for the future.” T1 parted ways with VALORANT players Victor “food” Wong and Austin “crashies” Roberts today. After a subpar performance across several tournaments, it seems the team is hoping a roster change can revitalize their standing in the pro scene. […]

Hiko’s settings, keybinds, and crosshair for VALORANT

Legends never die. Hiko has quickly become one of the biggest names in competitive VALORANT. The former Counter-Strike pro is known for his pinpoint accuracy with a rifle in hand. He has an unusually high mouse sensitivity for a CS:GO player, but that hasn’t stopped him from dominating in VALORANT. Hiko has already won back-to-back tournaments with teammates nothing, Skadoddle, brax, […]

Here are the notes and updates for VALORANT’s Patch 1.07

Sage is getting hit by the nerf hammer again. Sage, Killjoy, Viper, and Breach are the focus of VALORANT’s Patch 1.07. Riot has toned down Killjoy’s Nanoswarm ability, reducing its damage and allowing for counterplay following the agent’s release last month. Sage’s Heal and Slow Orb have also been nerfed. The goal is to reduce the amount […]

Steel leaving CS:GO to play VALORANT

MarKe will reportedly take steel’s place in Chaos. Veteran Canadian in-game leader Josh “steel” Nissan will leave CS:GO to pursue a career in professional VALORANT, his current team Chaos confirmed after reports by Jarek “DeKay” Lewis and HLTV. For now, steel will step down from Chaos’ CS:GO lineup to become a full-time VALORANT content creator within Chaos. DeKay and HLTV have reported that he’ll be […]