Here are the updates and notes for Teamfight Tactics Patch 10.16:


No fancy movie trailer intro this time, just straight to business. After the Darkstar domination of a few weeks ago, we’re feeling much better about the state of the meta. This week, we’re looking to make a few small nudges by bumping underperforming champions and traits while giving a slight nerf to the astro sniper build.

We also took a swing at adjusting a few items, so be sure to check out those changes and try out a few new item/champion combinations. The new “Salvage World” Galaxy that will break down full items back into their components when you sell an equipped champion. Last but not least, we’re buffing a few chase traits and 3-star champions to get a little more juice for their squeeze, as the kids say.

Let’s get into it!”



 A Note on Patch 10.17

“As announced on the Riot Games site, we’re all taking some AFK time next week for some rest and recovery. This means that patch 10.17 will be smaller than normal with a return to full-size patches at 10.18.”

 Little Legends

“Hushtail, Melisma, and Pengu are getting into the Spirit of Blossoms. All three of these new Little Legends and their variants will be available soon after the launch of the patch.”



Quality of Life


“We’re taking a pass at some of the items that are rarely built to open up new itemization options. Now, getting certain item components shouldn’t feel like as much of a punishment.”



Tier 1

Tier 2

Tier 3

Tier 4

Tier 5

 Chase Traits

“We’re looking to improve some of the chase traits that just aren’t currently worth it when you hit them. These are very rare and hard to hit, so they should be more rewarding when you do. They won’t be 100% win conditions, but they will be exciting.”

 3-Star Champion Balance

“We’re also trying to make champs worth 3-starring a bit more often, especially for the non-carry champions. Our goal is not that these become win conditions, but that it’s something you consider chasing if you happen to high roll extra copies to power up your army. All of the stat changes below are for the 3-star version of the Champion.”

Tier 1 Champions

Tier 2 Champions

Tier 3 Champions

Tier 4 Champions

Tier 5

“Shout out to the team for putting together this sick new feature coming to 10.16:

You’ll be able to right click any item component and see what it can build into. It even highlights what you can make based on what items you have ready to go!”


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