Yone died chasing the truth and came back to life to chase the truth.

The upcoming League of Legends champion was officially revealed today, with Riot showcasing his abilities and an amazing 10-minute cinematic. And now, fans can get another glimpse into the Unforgotten’s backstory through his biography.

Image via Riot Games

The bio begins in a similar fashion to Yasuo’s, outlining their childhood together as they trained at a renowned sword school near their village. Yone was the “patient and disciplined” brother, while Yasuo was the “brash and reckless” one.

Eventually, war came to Ionia and the school’s disciples, Yone included, left to defend against the Noxian forces. Yasuo stayed behind to protect Elder Souma, a master of the legendary wind technique that the Unforgiven possesses. But Souma was killed and Yasuo was framed, forcing him to flee. When Yone finally caught up to his brother, the two fought and the Unforgotten fell.

“Death, however, was not the end,” Yone’s bio reads.

The swordsman awoke in the spirit realm and went toe-to-toe—and sword-to-sword—with a powerful monstrous humanoid spirit called an azakana. Despite being bested by his brother’s wind powers, Yone wouldn’t let his “unparalleled” swordsmanship be beat by magic again. The Unforgotten killed the azakana and took it’s blood-red blade.

Yone woke once again in the material world with the red sword in his hand and the azakan’s visage imprinted on his face like a mask. He couldn’t remove it but he could now see other azakana through its eyes.

“They were not yet true demons, content to feed on negativity before eventually manifesting to devour their hosts,” according to the bio.

If Yone learns these azakana’s names, he can reduce them to masks of personified emotion. He couldn’t tell when these azakanas would reawaken and consume him. But his feud with Yasuo is no longer his main concern.

Now, Yone hunts the “insidious creatures” to better understand what he has become, chasing the truth.

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