As the 11.12 PBE Cycle continues, the 10/21 PBE Update includes continued TFT testing, Tactician assets, loot assets, and more!

TFT: Gizmos & Gadgets Testing

Gizmos & Gadgets

Here’s the latest changelist for TFT set 6 from Riot Mort:

10/21 TFT Notes

October 21st PBE Patch Notes
-Chemtech Overload
—HP% Explosion Damage: 50/75/100% >>> 40/60/80%
-En Garde
—Disarm Duration: 4 >>> 3 seconds
-Wise Spending
—Tier: 1 >>> 2
—XP: 1 >>> 2
-Innovator Heart and Innovator Soul are now available options
—Spell Damage: 800/1200/2000 >>> 800/1400/2250
—Spell Damage: 120/250/999 >>> 150/300/1337
—Attack Damage: 50 >>> 45
—Spell Attack Speed: 80% >>> 70%
—Spell Disarm: Primary target only >>> All targets damaged by her spell
—Spell AD%: 170/180/200% >>> 180/190/210%
—Spell Damage: 60/80/110 >>> 65/90/120
—Spell Damage: 250/400/700 >>> 250/375/650
—Spell Heal: 250/350/700 >>> 275/400/800
—Spell Damage: 450/600/999 >>> 400/525/999
-Dr. Mundo
—Spell Max HP% Healing: 100/150/500% >>> 90/120/500%
—Spell True Damage: 75/125/400 >>> 75/100/400
—Attack Speed: 0.8 >>> 0.75
—Spell Shield Amount: 175/375/750 >>> 175/325/750
—Mana: 75/125 >>> 100/150
—NEW: Viktor’s basic attacks melt his target’s defenses, reducing their Armor by 70% for 6 seconds
—REMOVED: Viktor’s ability no longer reduces Armor by 50%
—Spell Damage Per Laser: 250/350/1500 >>> 275/375/1500
-Dragon’s Claw
—Fireball now only triggers against casted abilities, meaning Warwick will not trigger a fireball with every attack
—Fireball will now only trigger once per Kog’maw cast instead of on every attack
—Tooltip now specifies that the mechanical companion receives bonus Health and Attack Damage based on allied Innovators’ star levels
-Fixed a bug that caused Hyper Roll to crash on Dragon rounds.
-Knife’s Edge (Augment): Now correctly works on away boards
-Feeding a unit holding Thief’s Gloves to Tahm Kench no longer generates extra items
-Scrap units no longer lose the buff from Cybernetic Implants if their only item becomes a Scrap-completed item
-Woodland Charm clones that spawn onto a Socialite hex will now properly gain the Socialite buffs
-Critical strikes from Jhin’s spell no longer benefit twice from Critical Strike Damage
-Jhin’s spell no longer triggers Dragon’s Claw”

TFT Tacticians

Assets for new Little Legend tacticians are now on the PBE!

Assets for each of the Chibi Champions booms were also added:


Here’s a look at Jinx & Jayce VFX changes that are now testing on the PBE!

Leave your feedback for RiotTheLoki over in this thread!

Arcane Skins

We missed those earlier on the PBE, but here they are!

Arcane Jayce
Reward Skin

Here’s Riot 6armedrobot with bugs & feedback thread for Arcane Jayce:

“Hello All! 

Arcane Jayce has arrived on the Rift featuring:

Arcane Jayce is a reward skin set to 975 RP on PBE only. 

Feel free to leave any feedback or questions you have down below! 


Arcane Vi
Reward Skin

Here’s Riot 6armedrobot with a bugs & feedback thread for Arcane Vi:

“Hello All! 

Arcane Vi is breaking onto to the Rift featuring:

Arcane Vi is a reward skin set to 975 RP on PBE only. 

Feel free to leave any feedback or questions you have down below! 


Summoner Icons

New summoner icons are now on the PBE:
Kayn Merch Icon, Ornn Merch Icon, Spirit Blossom Lillia Merch Icon
This icon was acquired by making a purchase from the merch store.

Warwick Merch Icon
This icon was acquired by making a purchase from the merch store.

Arcane 2021 Icon
This icon was acquired during the RiotX Arcane event.

Arcane Jayce Icon, Arcane Vi Icon
This icon was acquired as a bundle exclusive during 2021.


New emotes are now on the PBE:TFT Battlepass
Gizmos & Gadgets: Tenacity, Gizmos & Gadgets: Perseverance, Gizmos & Gadgets: Devotion

Knuckle Sandwich, This Changes Everything, Why Tho

And that’s it! We put the new Arcane Skins into our 10/21 PBE Update, incase anyone missed them!

If you’re interested in more PBE Articles, please check out the Preseason overview!

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