It’s 17.02 so we have new champions and skin sale upon us.

Now you have the chance to get your champion a new looks by buying one of these skins, OR you can buy a champion and enlarge your list of Champions all that for a 50% off their actual price.

This time you can get:

Bunny Riven for the price of 487 RPrivenfrontOutback Renekton for the price of 260RPadasdand Hunted Zyra for the price of 675RPxcxzxzc

About champions you can select and buy:

Graves for the price of 440RP

Graves.(League.of.Legends).full.1200448Lux for the price of 395RPLux_1Braum for the price of 487RPBraum-League-of-Legends-Concept-ArtDon’t miss this opportunity and get these champions and skins while they are on 50 % off.



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