After the 2019 Mid-Season Invitational we received a lot of feedback that G2 Esports’ victory wasn’t commemorated in the same manner as previous MSI Champions. For context, we’ve previously given players from the winning region a combination of of ip/xp boosts and a commemorative icon. This year our focus was on House Battles and we chose to celebrate MSI teams with evergreen team icons during the event and the G2 trophy on the Rift after the event. As a result, we did not create commemorative rewards and we did not communicate clearly about what we were not going to do.

Regardless, G2’s win was monumental and as fans, we understand how such a letdown would feel. To remedy this situation we are creating a commemorative G2 2019 Mid-Season Invitational Icon. On October 10th and through November 9th, the icon will be on sale for 1 BE in EUN and EUW and will be available in other regions for the standard price of 250 RP. Revenues from the sale will be shared with G2 Esports.

Going forward we will commit to commemorating the winning team from MSI and Worlds in a way that’s accessible to the entire player base, however we may experiment with different ways of doing so.

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