Filipino Jungler in Team Liquid – Worlds 2019

Xmithie - Filipino Jungler

Joined – 2017-11-22 | Contract Ends – 2019-11-18  Biography Xmithie was born and raised in the Philippines. When Jake was 16, his family decided to move to the United States. Jake began playing video games at an early age, as his father owned a computer shop that also contained PlayStation consoles and games. Xmithie’s […]

Championship Play-In Stage Day 3 Tease – Worlds 2019

2019 World Championship Play-In Stage Day 3 Tease

 The teams in Group A are all tied with one win one loss, while Splyce holds the top position in Group B. Will Clutch Gaming avenge their one loss, and will Europe retain the top spot in their group? The 2019 World Championship continues with Day 3 of the Play-In stage on Oct. 04 […]

WORLDS TOKENS & META – Worlds 2019

Ask Riot Worlds 2019

BY KENADAMSNSA, RIOTREPERTOIR & RIOTWREKZ What else can I get with Worlds tokens? Do you choose the meta for Worlds? Where’s exp from TFT? Today we’re talking about Worlds tokens, Worlds meta, and TFT. We will be taking a break from Ask Riot for one edition, as we’ve got some other stuff planned that week. See ya on Halloween! […]