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Xmithie was born and raised in the Philippines. When Jake was 16, his family decided to move to the United States. Jake began playing video games at an early age, as his father owned a computer shop that also contained PlayStation consoles and games. Xmithie’s gaming history began at the age of 6, originally playing on the famicom before moving on to the Gameboy and then PlayStation 1. By the age of 10, Jake began to play games on the computer, mainly focusing on shooters such as Counter Strike and Quake, as well as occasionally playing Dragon Ball. Jake’s computer gaming career would eventually transition from shooting games to playing RTS, RPG, and MOBA games such as Starcraft, Ragnarok, and eventually DotA. Xmithie would compete part time in DotA in the Philippines during his four years of playing DotA, winning a local tournaments. However, despite showing promise, Xmithie would eventually drop DotA after deciding not to purchase Warcraft 3. Xmithie first began his journey into League of Legends in

League of Legends Career

Season 1

Xmithie first entered the League of Legends on January of 2011, quickly hitting level 30 and jumping into ranked duo queue, playing with his now ex-girlfriend. For a time during Season 1, Xmithie would get stuck and hover around the 1700 ELO range. However, once he began play solo in ranked, he would spring up to 2200 ELO where he met other 2000 ELO players to form a team called Soldier Front. Team Soldier Front would compete in small tournaments, eventually meeting APictureOfAGoose during a Go4LoL cup on October of 2011. After playing against Team Soldier Front, A PictureOfAGoose would invite Xmithie to join as their AD Carry substitute player, a position which he accepted.

Season 2

As being a part of one of the teams that qualified through the North American Pre-Qualifier #1 for the IEM Season VI – Global Challenge Kiev, Xmithie planned to go with APictureOfAGoose to the event. Unfortunately due to family problems, LemonGoD would be unable to attend the event. As a replacement, team captain Atlanta would invite his friend cuRtoKy to join as the support player for APictureOfAGoose. Atlanta decided to change to the AD Carry position in order to play with cuRtoKy, since they were close friends and Atlanta believed he would synergize better with cuRtoKy more than Xmithie would. Xmithie would take Atlanta’s old position of jungler for the team. Despite the roster changes, APictureOfAGoose would end up not attending IEM Kiev.

Around one month after the departure of LemonGoD and the addition of Xmithie into the main lineup, APictureOfAGoose would be acquired by mTw and become mTw.NA. This occurred while APictureOfAGoose was competing in the Alienware Arena North America: Winter, where they ended up placing third.

In the next few months, Xmithie would find success with mTw.NA in various minor tournaments, taking first place in Go4LoL Cup #61CSN playLEGENDS Points Cup 1CSN playLEGENDS Points Cup 2CSN playLEGENDS Points Cup 4, and the In2LOL Kickoff NA Tournament.

The first major tournament that Xmithie would compete in under the mTw.NA banner would be the 2012 MLG Pro Circuit – Spring Championship. At the event, Xmithie would face off in their first match against European powerhouse Counter Logic Gaming EU, who proved to be a tough opponent as CLG EU pulled out a 2-0 victory over mTw.NA. Dropping down to the loser’s bracket, Xmithie and his team would be able to take out vVv Gaming 2-1 to advance to the next round of the loser’s bracket. Unfortunately, here mTw.NA would fall to Team Dynamic 2-0, ending the tournament with 9th-12th place finish.

Despite a disappointing showing at the MLG Spring Championship, Xmithie and mTw.NA would continue to dominate the online tournament scene, taking first at the Solomid NA Invitational 3. Here, Xmithie and his team would fall to Team Dynamic 0-2 in their first match of the tournament, dropping down to the loser’s bracket of the third SoloMid Invitational. However, here Xmithie and mTw would go on a hot streak, sweeping Lzuruha GamingOrdinance Gaming, and Team SoloMid 2-0 to advance to the loser’s bracket final. There, mTw.NA would continue forward with their momentum in tow, taking out Counter Logic Gaming Black 2-1, qualifying straight to the grand finals as Curse Gaming would forfeit their remaining matches. Coming back up from the loser’s bracket to face off against the team that put them there, Xmithie and mTw.NA would come out on top in a close 2-1 victory in the first set and sweep Team Dynamic 2-0 in the second set to take home first place from the tournament.

Continuing their success in online tournaments, Xmithie would take first place on July 6, 2012, at the National ESL Pro Series Season 3 with his team mTw.NA. During the three month long online group stage, mTw.NA would place third going 4-3 winning 9 games out of 16 by defeating 4Nothing 2-0, Epik Gamer 2-0, Counter Logic Gaming Prime 2-0, and Team Legion 2-0, while falling to Team Dignitas 1-2, Curse Gaming 0-2, and Team SoloMid 0-2. As Team SoloMid would be forced to forfeit, mTw would move on up to the grand finals. There, Xmithie would carry on the momentum and defeat Team Dignitas 2-0, taking home first place with his team mTw.NA.

Two days later, Xmithie would take second place at the fourth SoloMid NA Invitational with team mTw.NA. Xmithie would have a powerful start in the first two rounds, eliminating both Curse Gaming and Team Legion 2-1 to advance to the winners bracket final. Unfortunately, there Xmithie’s team mTw.NA were unable to pull out a win, falling just short to Orbit Gaming 1-2. Not letting the loss get to them, Xmithie and mTw.NA were able to sweep heavy favorite Team SoloMid 2-0 to get another shot at first place. However, once again Orbit Gaming was able to pull out on top, taking mTw out in a close 2-1.

Xmithie would particpate in the Leaguecraft ggClassic Presented by Arqade with his team mTw.NA. In the group stages, his team would pull out an impressive 4-1 finish, taking second place defeating 4Nothing, Orbit Gaming, Taipei Assassins, and Counter Logic Gaming Prime while taking their only loss to Counter Logic Gaming Black. Unfortunately in the playoffs mTw.NA would fall to Team Dynamic 1-2, dropping down the to loser’s bracket. There, mTw.NA would take out Curse Gaming 2-0 to move forward to the second round of the loser’s bracket. Once again, CLG Black would take out mTw.NA 2-0, leaving Xmithie with a third place finish.

A week after the top three performance at the Leaguecraft ggClassic, Xmithie would compete in the SoloMid NA Invitational 5 alongside mTw.NA. Xmithie’s team mTw.NA would take out CLG Black 2-1 in the first round, but would fall to Team SoloMid 0-2 in the second round, falling to the loser’s bracket. There, mTw.NA would go on a hot streak taking out Team Dynamic, Ordinance Gaming, and Team SoloMid to reach the grand finals of the event. Unfortunately, mTw.NA would fall to Team Dignitas 1-2 in the finals, taking home second place.

At the sixth Solomid NA Invitational, Xmithie would take second place with his team mTw.NA. In the tournament, mTw.NA would have a dominant first two rounds, taking out Meat Playground and Ordinance Gaming 2-0 to advance to the winner’s bracket final. Unfortunately here they would fall to Team SoloMid 1-2, dropping down to face Ordinance Gaming once again for a shot at the grand finals. Repeating their success, mTw.NA would once again sweep Ordinance Gaming 2-0, advancing to the grand finals to get a rematch with Team SoloMid. Xmithie and mTw.NA would have a strong first set, taking out the North American powerhouse 2-0. However, in the second set Team SoloMid would rebound and take out mTw.NA 2-0, leaving Xmithie with a second place finish.

2015 Preseason

On November 3, 2014 it was announced that Xmithie had joined coL.Black along with I KeNNy uPr0llyROBERTxLEE, and Bubbadub, qualifying for the Spring Expansion Tournament via compLexity’s promotion tournament participation.[1] However, Xmithie was unable to participate in the tournament and so CloudNguyen substituted in his place. The team lost to Final Five in the second round after a first-round bye.

On December 8, Counter Logic Gaming announced that Xmithie was joining the team as their new jungler, filling the empty spot left by dexter. However, Thinkcard would be substituting for him at IEM Cologne due to visa issues.[2]

2015 Season

For the first eight weeks of the spring split, CLG were never lower in the standings than tied for second place, and the only reason they didn’t receive a playoff bye was that they lost a second-place tie breaker to Cloud9 and so ended up in third place. CLG fans called the split CLG’s “golden age,” but the question still remained whether CLG could perform in the playoffs, especially after a dramatic comeback loss to Team SoloMid the first time the two teams met in the round robin. Ultimately, CLG were unable to perform in playoffs, as they lost to Team Liquid in the quarterfinals and ended the split tied for fifth place with Gravity.

Echoing their spring split performance, CLG started the summer split strong, in first place at the end of each of the first four weeks and then lost four games in a row to finish tied for fifth after week six. This time, however, they rebounded and ended the season in second, behind Team Liquid and with a 13-5 record. They received a bye in the first round of the playoffs and then swept both Team Impulse and Team SoloMid 3-0, to win their first LAN event since MLG Raleigh in 2011 nearly four years prior and receive North America’s top seed to Worlds. Shortly after their qualification, the team announced that HuHi would be substituting for them in the jungle, due to “unresolvable VISA issues” with Xmithie; however, two weeks later the situation was resolved with some help from members of the community who reached out to the team on reddit.[3][4][5] Despite Xmithie’s getting to play and the team’s having a relatively easy group draw with KOO TigersFlash Wolves, and paiN Gaming, CLG didn’t advance from their Worlds group, ending with a 2-4 record including a loss to paiN.

2016 Season

After two major roster changes – Stixxay replacing long-time AD carry Doublelift and HuHi replacing Pobelter – CLG attended IEM San Jose in November 2015, where they defeated Unicorns of Love and Jin Air Green Wings before losing to Origen. Their performance earned them a seed into IEM Katowice, which they attended after the seventh week of the LCS. However, despite being in a strong position domestically, in second place behind only the almost-undefeated Immortals (to whom CLG had handed their only loss of the season the week before), CLG were eliminated immediately from Katowice, losing first to SK Telecom T1 and then to Fnatic.

CLG entered the LCS playoffs in second place, still behind Immortals, and still the only team to have beaten Immortals in the regular season. They won their semifinal series against Team Liquid in five games, winning the last game with a double teleport play to catch out Piglet and close out a win. Despite seeding expectations, their finals match was against TSM, who had 3-0’d Immortals the week before. This series also went to five games, and CLG once again won, qualifying for the Mid-Season Invitational.

Returning to North America for the Summer Split, CLG were expected to be at the top of the league after their MSI performance. However, not only did they fail to achieve that, but they weren’t even in the top half of the standings until week 6. From there, they climbed to a fourth place regular season finish. In the playoffs, CLG first faced off against Team Liquid, whom they beat 3-1, before falling to TSM 3-0 in the semifinals. Crucially, one of Huhi‘s signature mid lane champions Aurelion Sol was found to have a bug partway through their first game, and the game was remade with Aurelion Sol disabled for the rest of the playoffs (though it was generally accepted that TSM would have won regardless).[6] CLG lost the third-place to Immortals but automatically qualified for the World Championship based on Championship Points due to TSM’s finals win over Cloud9.

CLG were seeded into Group A at Worlds, alongside the ROX TigersG2 Esports, and wildcard Albus NoX Luna. Going into the group, CLG and G2 were seen as contenders for the second seed, while Tigers and Albus NoX were expected to finish first and last, respectively. Instead, CLG dropped both of their games to the wildcard team, and ANX skyrocketed to a second-place group stage finish while G2 collapsed into last place; CLG ended their Worlds run in third with a 3-3 record.

2017 Season

Transitioning into the spring split of the 2017 LCS season, CLG was the only North American team to not make any changes to its roster. They were inconsistent to begin the split, fluctuating between 5th and 7th place over the first half of the season before stabilizing with a 2-0 week 5. CLG remained in the playoffs after that, and a 3-1 record down the stretch put them in fourth behind TSMCloud9 and a much improved Phoenix1. In the playoffs, CLG faced off against 5th seed FlyQuest. Although they started off strong with 2 wins, they were ultimately reverse swept and lost 2-3 which knocked them out of playoffs.

In May of 2017, Xmithie ended his long tenure on CLG and left the team to join Immortals. The Summer Split was a turning point in Immortals’ performance as they stayed in the Top 3 throughout the whole regular split. Xmithie was praised for his leadership and ability to shotcall for the team. Immortals finished the regular season in 2nd place with a 14-4 record. Xmithie was also awarded the NA LCS All-Pro Jungler award. Immortals’ performance in the Summer Playoffs was also excellent as they took down Counter Logic Gaming 3-0 in the semifinals and became the first team in NA LCS history since 2013 outside of CLG, TSM and C9 to reach the finals. Despite their accomplishment however, they were defeated 1-3 by TSM in the finals and finished 2nd place. Despite the loss they still managed to qualify for the 2017 Season World Championship via championship points. At Worlds Immortals was seeded in Group B along with Longzhu GamingFnatic and GIGABYTE Marines. Despite a good 2-1 start in Week 1 they couldn’t follow up on it in Week 2 and went 0-3. Having to play a tiebreaker in order to advance forward, Immortals faced Fnatic and lost the game which knocked them out of Worlds. Xmithie left Immortals in November of 2017 after the team wasn’t accepted in the newly franchised NA LCS for 2018. He would join Team Liquid within that same month. He probably would’ve had greater success if he tried Manamune KaiSa


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