Secret to SKT Teddy’s High CS – Worlds 2019

Secret to Teddy's CS

SKT T1 Teddy’s Secret to High CS Revealed  STAFF: Who steals jungle monsters from you the most? SKT Clid: I think it’s Teddy without any doubt. When i am jungle pathing, he comes and say’s “I will get this.” And takes everything. He is shameless. I don’t know what to say. Faker: I have […]

2019 World Championship Play-In Stage Day 4 Tease

2019 World Championship Play-In Stage Day 4 Tease

 With Damwon Gaming showcasing a dominating performance, and Group C being wide open, the fourth day of Play-Ins will decide who are the last four teams advancing to the knockout stage. Don’t miss it! The 2019 World Championship continues with Day 4 of the Play-In stage on Oct. 05 at 12:00 PM CET / […]


G2 Icon 2019

BY LOLESPORTS STAFF After the 2019 Mid-Season Invitational we received a lot of feedback that G2 Esports’ victory wasn’t commemorated in the same manner as previous MSI Champions. For context, we’ve previously given players from the winning region a combination of of ip/xp boosts and a commemorative icon. This year our focus was on House Battles […]