The comunity has voted! And the results are: Skarner and Gothic are the winners of the Season 2022 polls! Skarner, the Crystal Vanguard With a decisive victory, the champion that will receive the next VGU will be Skarner! Loads of you gave the Rift’s one and only scorpion some love this time around. Skarner stood […]

Patch 12.1 Notes

 Happy new year, folks! Welcome to Season 2022. We’re kicking off the new Ranked season with a soft reset, changes to decay, and some visual updates. We also have a few champion and item balances, changes to Teleport, plus a couple of beautiful new Elderwood skins. Well, let’s get right on to it, shall we? […]

Patch 11.24 Notes

We cordially invite you to an exquisite, green tie Debonair affair to celebrate the end of the year! We’re keeping it classy this week with sophisticated champion, item, rune, and dragon updates to keep preseason running splendidly. Ultimate Spellbook is also getting a spiffy update, and ARAM players worry not—we have some swanky news for you, […]

Patch 11.23 Notes

 BOOM, baby! Preseason 2022 is here, and it’s BIG! Patch 11.23 brings sweeping changes to the Rift (literally and figuratively) with the new Chemtech & Hextech Drakes, 6 new items, 24 item updates, 3 changes to runes, and Objective Bounties! Ultimate Spellbook is also back with dozens of new Ult-ernates and a special treat for […]