Another day, another PBE update! Today we continue TFT testing, adding new cosmetics and revisioning buffs and nerfs to champions that came out a day before. Look with us at the newest changes from the 7/14 PBE Cycle.

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    7/14 PBE: TFT Continued Testing

    TFT PBE Update

    Radiant Items

    —Radiant Bonus – HP Regen: 2% >>> 1%


    —Armor: 35/85/170 >>> 30/70/125
    —Magic Resist: 40/90/175/300 >>> 40/80/150/250
    —Attack Speed: 30/100/1000% >>> 30/120/1000%
    —Shield: 200/800/2000 >>> 200/1000/2000


    —Mana: 0/60 >>> 40/80
    —Added a much stronger preference for him to not teleport in place. He still can, but only if there are no empty hexes for him to land in
    —AD: 75 >>> 65
    —Spell Base Damage: 125/150/350 >>> 150/200/400
    —Mana: 80/150 >>> 120/180
    —Spell Base Number of Shot: 18 >>> 16
    —Mana: 100/160 >>> 100/180
    —Spell Shield: 50/70/200% >>> 40/55/200%

    Bug Fixes

    -Rakan’s ability will no longer spam its feathery hit effect if his target dies just before they get hit.
    -Rakan will no longer rarely perform his heal twice from a single ability cast
    -Rakan’s heal will now heal for the correct amount
    -Radiant Zz’Rot Portal now properly spawns the Radiant Voidmother at combat start
    -Radiant Frozen Heart’s attack speed slow is now correctly removed once units leave their 2-hex radius
    -Sejuani’s ability will now properly deal damage to targets who are immune to CC”


    Loot assets added to PBE!

    Balance Changes

    Note that the PBE is a testing ground for experimental changes. These are not official notes and may be incomplete. But they are not different from the previous 7/13 PBE Cycle, so we’ll just post this image here again so you can remember all of them. Once the values of someone are updated, we’re going to provide you with comprehensive info.

    This image was provided by Riot Jag

    PBE Update

    If you want to see previous changes, you can find the 7/13 PBE Cycle here.

    If you’re interested in the upcoming changes to Sona, check out this article.

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