The 8/12 PBE Update has been shipped! As we continue the 11.17 PBE cycle, today’s very small update includes balance changes!

8/12 PBE Update: Balance Changes



Tahm Kench

TFT Traits


Feedback Thread

1) Here’s Riot Aotus with a feedback thread for League Client changes that are testing on the PBE this cycle – “Update to the League Client”:

“We need your help! We have upgraded the Chromium version that the League Client runs on. 

TL;DR- We’ve been doing work behind the scenes to improve the performance of the League Client. Functionally, you should see no change (other than increased performance!). 

However, we need to ensure that all areas of the League Client are still functioning as intended. As you check out 11.17 on PBE, please keep an eye out for any bugs or unexpected behavior while interacting with the League Client. We are specifically looking for things that haven’t been seen on live and are new to the build (your best guess is totally fine too!). 

For a full rundown of the work we’re doing, check out our Client Cleanup blog

We really appreciate your help!” 

8/10 Update

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