The New 8/13 PBE Update has been shipped to the PBE on Friday. This one includes chromas, bios for Phoenix skins, and something even more sinister than the crime city’s skinline. Read below for more information.

8/13 PBE Update:



Crime City Nightmare Akali

Crime City Nightmare Darius

Crime City Nightmare Shaco

Crime City Nightmare Twisted Fate

Crime City Nightmare Zyra

Divine Phoenix Anivia

Graceful Phoenix Seraphine

Brave Phoenix Xayah

New Loot assets added:

Balance Changes


Akshan[Akshan has other changes in testing on the PBE!]


TFT Traits


TFT Champions

Tier 3


Tier 5


Changelist for Lucian by Riot Jag:

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for more PBE Updates and info about the game and current events. Check out the recent PBE Update with Crime City Nightmare & Phoenix skins!

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