The first day of September brings us the 9/1 PBE Update, focused on fine-tuning champions such as Rengar, Camille, etc. Let’s get started.

9/1 PBE Update

Rengar Changes Testing on the PBE

Riot Phlox is looking for feedback on Rengar changes that are now testing on the PBE:

Hey all, new Rengar changes are coming to PBE today. I’ve gone through a ton of responses to the changes and chatted with a bunch of you to get a sense of what you all think of the changes. I’ve also gotten a ton of ideas! Let me know what you think of this next set.

The feedback you all gave me was that three max ferocity took a lot of what made Rengar special away. I agree. My goal with today’s version is to preserve that special bush feel but open up flexibility with your combos and fighting, and not punish poor sequencing as hard. 

The flat heal empowered W wasn’t testing great so I’m reverting to live W empower for now. I think there could be some good work done here but I want to see how the rest works for now. 

Having Rengar on PBE isn’t the kind of thing we’d normally do but I think it’s pretty worth it to give you all a glimpse of the kind of process champion changes go through firsthand, even if it takes me more time to do it all.

Rengar’s got a lot of playstyles and it can be pretty hard to serve them all of them with any set of changes. We’ve missed in the past on Rengar so we want to prevent that from happening again.

For projects like this, we might try a lot of changes that really can’t ship for one reason or another. Maybe the mechanic is unbalanced, maybe it warps the character’s pattern in a weird way or hell, maybe the change just sucks. Don’t get too attached to anything on the PBE! 

Do let me know what you think is good and what isn’t working! I really want feedback on these changes since there are a ton of different kinds of Rengar players and I don’t want to leave anyone out to dry. There’ll be a thread on /r/LeaguePBE but I’ll be looking all over.”

Here’s a look at the feedback thread, including a full changelist – “Rengar Feedback Thread”:

“Please give me feedback for the Rengar changes on PBE! 

These changes don’t have a set ship date and will not ship before worlds patch. 

Current List: 

Unseen Predator (P):

Battle Roar (W):

Bola Strike (E):

Thrill of the Hunt (R):

Ironspike/Stridebreaker/Goredrinker now properly play the Q animation if cast soon after casting Q
Fixed bug with E castime not being synced up to jump” 

Balance Changes




TFT Champions

Tier 4



Tier 5



Not a huge patch today on the PBE, stay tuned for more! If you want to catch up to the recent changes to champions, we recommend visiting our 8/30 PBE patch rundown.

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