The 9/9 PBE Update has been shipped to the PBE. A little bit late but what can you do, here are the skin bios for the upcoming skins!

9/9 PBE Update


Urf is back on the PBE

“To my last tweet about Ultimate Spellbook there was a fair few number of requests for URF to come back for next release…

 We determine modes release schedule a few months ahead of time and there’s often a fair number of fixes we have to do before we can turn on a mode again. We can’t really replace doing one mode for another on short order and especially not “upcoming patch” adjustments.

 But that also doesn’t mean that “the next mode is Ultimate Spellbook”. Just the opposite. When we ask for ideas pertaining to a mode, it implies that there will be at least some amount of time before that mode will released in order to actually apply that feedback.

 Anyways, URF is now enabled on PBE. Look forward to pick URF for next patch. :)”

That’s it for today’s PBE Update! Stay tuned for the next one with lots of Icons and Chromas released! In the meantime, consider checking out our article about the 11.18 Patch!

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