Challenger Rewards

The physical Challenger Reward for Season 7 will be a custom-designed backpack.

Riot introduced the physical rewards in Season 6. Challenger players from each server were entitled to a premium reward that Riot shipped in the middle of Season 7. A custom made jacket with an emblem sewn to the sleeve was the first physical reward.

Challenger Reward for Season 6 in 2016 - A Challenger Jacket
Challenger Reward for 2016

Season 7 Challenger Rewards

For Season 7, players were not sure whether the tradition of physical rewards will continue. However, just recently Challenger players reported getting e-mail messages from Riot with information of the Season 7 rewards. One popular streamer, Pants are Dragon, a Challenger player on the NA server, published a video on his youtube channel where he showed what Riot said about the rewards. Most noteworthy is their announcement of the physical reward for Season 7 which will be a custom-designed backpack which will be shipped in the beginning of this year’s Autumn. Also, they shared their plans for this Season’s rewards, which means they plan to turn this into a tradition. They claim that this is a result of the feedback from hundreds of Challenger players around the world.

In addition to the physical rewards, What is Vaynespotting that  Riot promised a unique recall animation for all Challenger players back in 2016. However, this project did not come through. However, according to the information in the messages to challenger players, it seems like there are new developments concerning this project. Riot presented them three possible concepts for the recall, all with different textures, lines and features.

Recall animation for League of Legends Challenger Players
Three concepts for the recall animation of Challenger players

If you finished in the top 200 on your server last Season you can claim your reward on the following link:

If, on the other hand, you did not succeeded you can show your skills again this year and win this season’s exclusive reward.

Good luck on the Rift.


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