Another strange case has happened in the Chinese League of Legends scene, days after Top Esports issued a statement condemning fans’ behavior for threatening to put laxatives in the players’ takeout food.

This time, stalkers showed up at Vici Gaming’s Xu “iBoy” Xian-Zhao house. They pretended to be his friends and were invited in the house by iBoy’s grandmother while the ADC was away with friends, according to the organization’s statement yesterday.

The fans reportedly went door to door in search of the player’s house. Vici Gaming condemned this type of behavior, saying that it does not want anyone to come into contact directly with the players or their families. The organization said if this behavior continues, it will pursue legal action to protect the personal safety of players.

This sort of behavior occurs with both Chinese and Korean fans as well. When the Korean teams fail at the international events, fans usually criticize them, demanding them to swim back home, and insult them for their performance. But such cases of stalking haven’t happened with LCK teams yet.

Most recently, however, LCK teams including T1 and Hanwha Life Esports have asked fans to cut back on hostile remarks made towards players and staff members. Both organizations said they would pursue legal action if the online harassment and threats persisted.

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