The Demacia Cup

The Demacia Cup is a tournament for the Chinese League of Legends teams. The cup lasted from 31 May till 3 June with a total of 8 teams competing for the Cup title. The tournament included the top 6 teams from the first Chinese league, i.e. the LPL and the top 2 teams from the second Chinese league, which is now known as the LDL.

The format of the tournament was organized in knockout stages. While the first round was played in a B01, the finals were Bo5 series and every game in-between was a Bo3 series. However, the teams that lost in the first and second round of the Cup, played additional games between each other and the winners from those games proceeded to the next rounds.

The Demacia Cup finals

The final matches were played between the two LPL teams, Royal Never Give Up and Bilibili Gaming. As expected, the current MSI champions – RNG were victorious. In a Bo5 series, they’ve managed to win the 3 last games, while dropping the first one. And even in the game that they’ve lost, they were dominating. It was only down to a single play around the Baron pit that made them throw the game. However, their experience and proficient understanding of the game allowed them to come back in the next game and show full control from the start to the end. With this victory, they are getting ready for the Summer Split of the LPL which is due to start later this month.

RNG lifting the trophy of the Demacia Cup
RNG lifting the trophy of the Demacia Cup

Highlights of the final series

First game

Second game

Third game

Fourth game

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