TSM’s superstar AD carry Doublelift was seemingly taken by surprise when he was told that C9’s ADC Zven said in a recent interview that both TSM and FlyQuest aren’t scrimming against C9 anymore.

In an interview with Travis Gafford last night, the League of Legends veteran was informed of what Zven said in his recent interview with Gafford. But Doublelift responded by questioning the information before saying he doesn’t believe it’s true.

“What? I have no… literally no way that that’s true,” Doublelift said. “Maybe FlyQuest, I don’t know anything about them, but like no way that that’s true for us. I don’t know what to say other than that would be crazy, maybe I’ll go ask my coaches.”

Gafford asked Doublelift if he was still interested in participating in scrims against C9 and the veteran responded by questioning why anyone wouldn’t want to.

“Yeah, I think everyone would want to scrim C9,” Doublelift said. “What is like the downside? I don’t really understand.”

During his interview with Gafford, Zven said he wasn’t sure why C9 weren’t scrimming against FlyQuest or TSM.

“We just aren’t, I don’t know why,” Zven said. “They just tell us they don’t want to scrim us anymore. I was just told that we won’t scrim TSM or Fly anymore and I was like oh that sucks because Fly was a good scrimming partner and TSM was a good one too.”

C9 are tied for first place in the 2020 LCS Summer Split with an 11-3 record, while TSM sit in third at 9-5. TSM’s next game is against Evil Geniuses on Friday, July 31 at 9pm CT. C9 will take on Golden Guardians at 4pm CT on Saturday, Aug. 1.

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