Hi all. As we already know, league of legends is a changing game that evolves more and more. In these last patches they have brought us new champions or objects and among these new objects there is an object focused on tanks that has a bug that nobody has noticed. The Fimbulwinter is a tank-focused item that, like any other item, is built from smaller items. However, unlike the other items built by the tear of the goddess, this one has a bug that no one has noticed.

All items built with Tear of the Goddess have a benefit upon reaching max charges, but this item doesn’t seem to have any benefit. The item has gained notoriety and popularity since it came out, but the shield count does not go up, if the item was obtained at level 1, the shield would be 160 aprox, but when leveling up, the item does not raise its shield and this remains although Reach level 18. No intentions to fix this bug have been found to date. In the same way, there are not many complaints from the players about this bug (it does not always happen but nobody wants it to).

We hope that riot fixes these types of bugs that, while silly, can cause you to lose games. While it’s not a very popular item, it should work perfectly for champions who can take advantage of it, and it’s worth noting that if you don’t notice a bug with one of the new items, what about the other items? Hopefully it’s just an accident and it will be fixed soon.

We hope that never happens to you and that you have good luck in your games!

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