If you haven’t watch celebrity showmatch 2018 watch it here

If you are asking why Empoy is the Top Celebrity in this game.

When a newbie play league of legends and it will play live what do you think it will look like?

A newbie vs a pro player in mid lane it looks funny right? Just when you watch the video.

Empoy is the main idea of the meaning of Tower Hug and Safe play.

His ziggs is just under the turret and throwing some bomb even though he didn’t get the cs.
He plays with a pro player in mid lane.
You will have lots of laugh in the battle because of his builds, cs, and the moves.

I’m excited by lots of funny plays and everyone smiling that league is still a fun game.

Will the crowd favorite, Empoy keep his title as last year’s Celebrity Showmatch Champion? Or will Vitto exhibit his never before seen skills on the Rift and snatch that victory? Witness this exciting match-up on October 26 at the World Trade Center. See you all in Conquerors Manila 2019!

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